cat-v - Uriel's personal website, full of great resources

C++ FQA Lite - C++ sucks, get over it

Colemak - Alternative keyboard layout to QWERTY and Dvorak

Devio.us - Free OpenBSD shell provider and hoster of this website

DuckDuckGo - Secure search engine

Identi.ca - My Identi.ca profile

OpenBSD FAQ - Supplemental documentation to the man pages

OpenBSD Journal - News about OpenBSD

OpenBSD Manual Pages - Web interface to search the man pages

Sprunge.us - Command line pastebin

Suckless - Community dedicated to software that sucks less

Tunnelr - OpenBSD-based VPN and SSH tunneling from the same guys as Devio.us

Twitter - My Twitter profile

Zhongwen.com - Fantastic Chinese dictionary